Nicolas Rubinstein

Born in 1964

Lives and works in Marseilles

With a certain pleasure, Nicolas Rubinstein asserts his fascination with bones. Over and above the eminently structure-giving quality of bones, the artist sees in femurs, skulls and tibias the site of an inaccessible secret which has to be relentlessly sought. So the skeleton becomes a central factor of his works, the keystone on which a crazy output is based. If the bones are orchestrated with a certain virtuosity, they do not refer to anything morbid, and more readily recall bulimia than exhaustion. Because they are developed and construct monumental architectures (suspension bridges, cathedrals ten feet tall...), or endlessly and wittily re-enact the skeleton of a media mouse (Mickey). The list of materials used by Nicolas Rubinstein expresses the pleasure of each one of his pieces: be it polyester resin, bone, bronze, pencil, or painted rat...

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.