Nicolas Desplats

Born in 1975

Lives and works in Marseilles

Nicolas Desplats's paintings come across, first of all, like deserted places, monumental landscapes, and interstitial interiors, positing space like an origin. From the voluminous mass of mountains to the domestic organization of a bedroom or drawing room, the artist finds in heterogeneous environments the means for an immersion in the pictorial field. Working the notion of viewpoint and off-screen, he explores ways of reading painting while at the same time blurring the distinctions between different spaces of representation. His works often set frames within the frame, coming across like duplications—mises en abyme—which also act on the exhibition venue. We might say of Nicolas Desplats's paintings that they are atmospheric, and hazy, playing with their possible state of incompleteness; they seem to be held in a state of permanent instability and, in this way, they leave the voices of interpretation open, and invite the onlooker to have a perceptible experience.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.