Lyse Fournier

Born in 1989

Lives and works in Bordeaux

My work lies at the boundary that separates reality from fiction; landscapes I have seen or imagined merge together and become stories. I base my research on facts that are both scientific and more esoteric.

I focus on the sensation that the landscape produces in me, on the colours, the lights, the textures, the breezes, the sounds. All of these tangible elements contribute to the sensation of nature and gradually turn into memories. This transition from the objective to the subjective, from knowledge to interpretation, from documentation to storytelling, is what I base my research on – a landscape-centred and poetic fiction; a sort of journey through time and perception.

“The natural landscapes that Lyse Fournier encounters fade into the artist’s mind until they become a sensation, a motif that she then repeats in works that reveal a fantasised and poetic world. To the silver skies, sea foam or breezes that she photographs, fragments and transforms, Lyse Fournier adds bold references to art history, such as Italian Renaissance draperies. Her works emerge as bridges between the beauty of the captured landscapes and the fragility of the memory that polishes them to make them into Mnemosynes.” (Lena Peyrard)

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.