Lucie Laflorentie

Born in 1983

Lives and works in Toulouse

The foundation of Lucie Laflorentie’s approach lies in an articulation between the sense of poetry that the titles of her works evoke and an interaction between gesture and matter.
Whether in her drawings, paintings, installations or work with volumes, the artist delights in manipulating matter and allowing it to surprise her, following a process in which the dimension of the studio is essential and notions of reuse and economy of means occur naturally, both as a stance and as part of her experimental approach.
The forms the scenery takes, whether human-made (architecture) or wild (“nature”), are extracted and isolated in the context of the exhibition, or revealed through elusive site-specific interventions. From then on, through these shifts in gestures and tools, a new interpretation of the relationship between the scenery and the subject appears, in line with the tradition of mesology and following an organic approach, in which environmental issues are knit together with the dimension of a territory’s memory through destruction, reclamation and construction.

Translated by Lucy Pons
Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques