Laetitia Donval

Born in 1981

Lives and works in Brest

I am pursuing a path with edges, looking for a crack from which to look into the opaqueness of the world, shifting from darkness to light. My recent research has lead me to explore territories often situated on edges or peripheries. With a desire to be in a precariousness of the instant I proceed by way of immersions and projections in these zones which are linked with my perceptible space, where the fragility of beings and the landscape summon my eye.
My beginnings in photography have led me to meet human communities and encounter my own confusion faced with the echoes of History. Since then I have never stopped questioning our membership of the human community and our connection with a common memory, in an abrupt and fragmentary way, exposing my unstable relation to reality, somewhere between attraction and distancing, anxiety and desire for the world. I am evolving with wandering as my method, within a feeling of urgency peculiar to photography. I have often felt the need to take experiences to the limit, in either familiar or foreign places, the idea being not to photograph the world in order to represent it, but to keep a trace, a memory of those experiences. Books are the compilation of this legacy of a photography informed by the fragility of existence, driven by this difficulty and this happiness of being in the world.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.