Justin Sanchez

Born in 1980

Lives and works in Nice

Justin Sanchez's work is often based on literature, cinema, or life stories. One might therefore say that his works carry narrative potential; that their form conceals a story, an adventure, an experience. For instance, his piece featuring an imbrication of hundreds of staircases – a long-term endeavour still unfinished to this day – alludes to Sarah Winchester, the armorer's widow, who tried to evade the ghosts that haunted her house (and her mind) by building onto it until it literally became a maze. Henry David Thoreau, the Big Lebowski and the designer Enzo Mari are also featured in the artist's subjective pantheon, which contains a repertoire of forms and actions. Justin Sanchez draws inspiration from what surrounds and moves him; by experimenting in the studio, he constructs a personal, candid, and sometimes intimate body of work that reflects his keen outlook on the world.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.