Julien Clauss

Born in 1974

Lives and works in Hautes-Alpes

Sound lies at the heart of Julien Clauss's art praxis, liaised with the architecture, history and nature of a space, so it becomes an active factor offering a new experience of the world. The artist works at modulating perception by relying on sculptural and more environmental arrangements which address the viewer's whole body. His works, which often call on a specific ear, also bring movement into play, especially when they are presented in the public place.
The spatial arrangement of sound tallies with an interest in the ubiquity of looking in an age of permanent connection. So the Webcams which crisscross the world are a resource which Julien Clauss pounces upon to create works like meeting points (one such being Insulation, which diffuses the variations of the colours of the sky around the world in a fraction of a second by way of a Webcam network in use around the 45th parallel). Julien Clauss's oeuvre is based on technology as a revealer; with him, it becomes the wherewithal of a more active attention to the world surrounding us. Translated by Simon Pleasance

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.