Josué Z. Rauscher

Born in

Lives and works in Avignon

Even though Josué Z. Rauscher does now and then work on imagery (in particular by collecting images on the Internet, and publishing books), his praxis is basically associated with sculpture and its spatial arrangement. The materials he uses are often basic and elementary. When shaped and put together, they essentially come to life in the relations they weave with the exhibition. Attracted by oddjobmanship (bricolage) and experimentation, he also constructs his oeuvre on the desire to test, with both pleasure and determination, manufacturing techniques which are at first glance unknown to him: casting, smelting... We might say that Josué Z. Rauscher practices sculptures like a foreign language. So the outcome is an oeuvre like an ever-renewed experiment. His pieces are like so many building sites which he strives to close up, so many forms which he can re-work and re-combine as his thinking sees fit, and from one attempt to the next.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.