Jérôme Grivel

Born in 1985

Lives and works in Nice

Be it through sound, installation, performance, video or sculpture, Jérôme Grivel's work acts on the experience of reality. So his works often involve the spectator's body, they isolate it, put it to the test of space, surprise it, and offer it specific listening systems... they introduce a dialogue. His work is activated by presence, his sculptures call for the strolling and mental projection of a body in space. The forms he handles are minimal and geometric, they do not exceed their "function", and they seem keen to tighten the attention we pay them. It has to be said that his works are balanced, they try the limits of the possible. Auditory resistance accordingly links up here with the resistance of the materials, and whether he yells until he can yell no more into a microphone in the middle of an opening, or whether he constructs complex structures with inappropriate light materials which inevitably end up collapsing, he tries to work, through amplification, on this breaking point, based on which everything teeters from one state to another.Translated by Simon Pleasance

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.