Jean-Paul Thaéron

Born in 1953

Lives and works in Lanrivoaré

Jean-Paul Thaéron is an artist who does not confine himself within traditional systems of pigeonholing, and who lays claims to as much. His sculptures made of assembled and carved wood are in fact systematically covered with areas painted in colours; his paintings clearly assert the sculptural volumes of forms; his drawings are not preliminary studies for the paintings, but rather an organization of his favourite subjects. Jean-Paul Thaéron’s work can be situated within a serial logic. The artist is tirelessly looking for different possible compositions, by following an organized and certainly rational approach. His repertory of forms is drawn in a more or less conscious way from what he knows and from what surrounds him: nature (stylized mineral and vegetable forms, anthropomorphic figures), Brittany (megaliths), and archaeology (the Gravettian “Venuses”). Jean-Paul Thaéron renews his work through the various trips he regularly makes to Mali.

Cyrielle Durox

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.

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