Isa Barbier

Born in 1945

Lives and works in Marseilles and in Italy

Isa Barbier's work is developed above all on the basis of the encounter with, and understanding and interpretation of, a place. This latter, which is often specific—a chapel, a castle, a monastery, a seashore... (but also a more traditional museum or gallery)—determines, through its unusualness, the way in which artistic intervention appears. So, most of the time, Isa Barbier works in situ, developing his installations with their light and animate materials (feathers, petals, mirrors...) organized as geometric, architectural and dynamic forms, so the works seem to float in space. To these elements in mid-air, we must add light, breath and air as so many unstable components taking part in the perception of the work, and its fluctuating condition. The effect of external elements is not for nothing, it stems as much from the artistic proposition as from its own materials. So Isa Barbier's aerial and living works are forever rediscovering themselves.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.