Hervé Nahon

Born in 1964

Lives and works in Marseilles

Three different types of work can be discerned in my method, but light is the common thread: ephemeral works where light/heat transforms materials, and, photographic or video works, where light transcribes.
For several years, I've been working with light and time and the correlation between the two. In my ephemeral works such as those using paraffin or ice, light is used as a mechanism to render visible the passing of time. I imprisoned lightbulbs in blocks of ice or paraffin. The heat emitted by the light transforms these materials and provides a plastic image of time. The life span is limited. The notion of time is important.
in my photographic works, light is used in the literal sense of photo-graphy, writing with light.
In the videos it is the very basis for research. through its transformations it allows one to discover a different view or landscape at each moment.
All my works begin from something real, natural, often attaching themselves to the image's abstractions and dimensions. The aim is always either to work a material to the point where it becomes unrecognizable, or on the contrary, to let it act without controlling it to discover suggested images of reality. My installation works (ice, fire, paraffin, etc...) follow this same idea: materials transform themselves in a space-time, the works live.
Hervé Nahon

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.