Guy-André Lagesse

Born in 1954

Lives and works in Marseilles

It's a construction which is in thought and act comparable to a sand castle's. It forms progressively with the ebb and flow of the tide that sculpts and molds it ; the seawater's penetration into the site and the path it takes to retreat, are so many parameters that inspire the manner making the work. A construction submitted to the play of conditions and the elements. It takes into account the unforeseen and the vagaries of the situations in which we build. We acommodate these propositions, independent of our will, by turning them to our advantage ; by being receptive to what is forceful in what appears weak, to the movement in what appears immobile, to the promise and future in what seems used up, to the advantage in what could be inconvenient, to the precious in what passes for insignificant. It's a vacation state of mind ; to vacate the mind of the ideas occupying it so that others may find their place.
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Livre Apéritif, les Editions Sensibles de l'Art, Caen

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.