Gillian Brett

Born in 1990

Lives and works in Marseilles

Gillian Brett’s works are rooted in the invasion of our everyday lives by technology. Permanent acceleration, planned obsolescence, emerging needs, the increasing consumption of computer goods… Brett’s artistic process is woven into the era of widespread digitalisation. This on-going dematerialisation has an embodiment, it can be stored, translated and read; it exists in the form of very real interfaces that pile up and are digested in homes before being discarded in open landfills. It also exists in the precious metal mines. As a sculptor, the artist manipulates materials, paying close attention to the world that surrounds her and working from this senseless expenditure of resources. Using LCD screens, printed circuit boards, electronic components and electrical cables, she is able to compose screen-like paintings and sculptures whose forms are inevitably reminiscent of the dystopia at play, while also generating unexpected beauty. Gillian Brett strives to highlight, inside reality, the signs of our loss of common sense and of our gradual detachment from the living world.