François Paris

Born in 1975

Lives and works in Nice

François Paris's drawings seem to result from a desire for stories. As fragmentary and essential elements of a narrative that goes beyond them, they are like so many possible paths activating a world in a permanent state of construction. Retrieved in the flood of images circulating on the Internet, or else specially produced, the photographs which the artist uses as points of departure have differing qualities Whether unusual or anecdotal, they often conjure up the body or mechanics, the face or the human skull... They refer to fleetingness and appearances. Each drawing is the starting point of an elliptical tale that needs inventing. François Paris's exhibitions are thus open screenplays, and sequences. In this sense we might thus say that these works borrow as much from film as they do from photography: the viewpoints, the framing, the characters, the clues, but also and above all this capacity to introduce factors capable of opening up the way to the imagination.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.