Franck Pourcel

Born in 1965

Lives and works in Marseilles

For over twenty years, Franck Pourcel has developed a challenging photographic work that combines the memory of landscapes (their transformation, their modernity) and the history of men (their everyday lives, their migrations, their customs, or their trades…). Through the prism of mythology, history, sociology, anthropology, and poetry, his eye is always led by a sensitivity that makes his subjects so singular. Franck Pourcel’s work is about how we live where we live. From the Camargue to Palestine, from Egypt to the Crau Plain, from Lebanon to Fos sur Mer, from Sub-Saharan Africa to Mediterranean countries, his photographs show us what binds humankind together. With Constellations, his latest series based on Homer’s Odyssey, he shapes a new Mediterranean geography, in which photographic stories weave together individual destinies to form a collective history. The landscapes and bodies Franck Pourcel captures are unyielding evidence of the richness of otherness.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.