Florian Pugnaire & David Raffini

Lives and works in Nice

Represented by Galerie Torri, Paris

The mechanisms in Florian Pugnaire and David Raffini’s work are often put in motion by forces that seem to withdraw them from their status as objects. Cars, vans, and mechanical diggers become the characters of an action in which self-destruction is pitted against vital drive.
The two visual artists, who also have individual outputs, work together on projects that answer specific needs. From the car that self-compresses for 2 months until it reaches its definitive form (Expanded Crash) to films such as Casse Pipe or In Fine, in which film references meet plastic experimentation, their work delights in equally twisting time, space, story, and matter.
In 2015, Florian Pugnaire and David Raffini received the Fondation Ricard Prize for their work Energie Sombre, which included both sculpture and video.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.