Erik Samakh

Born in 1959

Lives and works in Serres

Erik Samakh's work is founded on a constant dialog between man and nature. Tuned in to its noises and sounds, colors, and various species, he proceeds like a surveyor. For some twenty-five years he has been capturing, recording, and restituting in museum spaces what he perceives as a veritable artistic material that he installs and diffuses in all places suited to discovery. The surrounding space, formerly devoted to the power of images thus becomes a «listening space», but just as readily a space of silence, and transforms our perceptive and perceptible approach to reality. Samakh also intervenes in the landscape and incites it to react by grafting different instruments of his own design onto it.
Erik Samakh is not so much an acoustician, but an artist of the present day, committed to offering experiences and sensations that go beyond the visible...
Bernard Blistène

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.