Émilie Losch

Born in 1984

Lives and works in Martel

After starting her studies at the École des Beaux-Arts in Montpellier, where her work focused on painting and photography, Émilie Losch then enrolled in the École d’Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, where she became interested in various object-based techniques.
Her versatile and cross-disciplinary training is what now allows her to transform raw materials to develop projects at the intersection of art, architecture and design.
From flat mediums to volume and from models to installation work to wearable objects, the aim of Émilie Losch’s work is to confront the viewer’s eye and body with their surroundings in a new way. The artist’s creative process is strongly informed by questions of construction (how things connect, are organised and function) and growth (plants, cells, bones, atoms, the cosmos…).
Her marked interest in the living world in all of its forms and functions have steered her towards both human-made productions (city planning, architecture, objects, machines…) and the creations of nature. She also uses mathematics in her research, both for its aesthetic potential and the part it plays in our understanding of the world (geometry, volumes, fractals…). Her prolific and intuitive approach combines observation and interpretation through iconographic acts intended as experiences that merge micro and macro, seriality and unicity.
Her taste for bifurcation and for hybridising seemingly dissociated fields provides grounds for the presentation of haptic works that generate their own context for interpretation.

Translated by Lucy Pons
Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques

The Emilie Losch's dossier is in progress. In the meanwhile, you can visit her website: www.emilielosch.com