Elsa Tomkowiak

Born in 1981

Lives and works in Douarnenez

« Elsa Tomkowiak's praxis is determined by and rooted in the spaces she works in. Her works present themselves as environments to be experienced, as volumes to move through.
The artist blurs the lines between painting and sculpture by unfurling vibrant arrays of colour in these spaces. Her pieces are characterised by skilful collisions of bright, saturated hues. The energy of the artist's gestures and of the tools she uses (brushes, brooms...) has become increasingly noticeable in the past few years thanks to her use of translucent materials that let the light shine through. The expressive strength of her painting reaches its full potential in action, in the body's involvement in the creative process.
Elsa Tomkowiak's pieces have found their place in natural and urban environments, historical monuments, and singular or remarkable architectural settings. While often monumental in size, her installations are made out of lightweight materials (cardboard, plastic sheeting, plasterboard...) chosen for their visual and sculptural qualities. Her site-specific installations are highly structured and organised. Each piece is drawn before it reaches its full material potential, and each different space generates a particular piece. »

Vanina Andréani, 2017.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.

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