Eleonora Strano

Born in 1980

Lives and works in Nice

Eleonora Strano’s photographs approach reality through the prism of lived experience. While her series often recount specific contexts and situations (environmental, social, political…), they are also expressions of their author’s subjectivity as she explores the world as she does her own personal history. And so when she decides to take a look at the Chernobyl disaster, the photographer is also intent on scouring the places of her childhood in the South East of France to find clues of an explosion and traces of potential reparation. Fuelled by subjectivity, her work sometimes adopts a more documentary perspective in order to better convey living conditions under an authoritarian regime (Une histoire turkmène [A Turkoman Story]). But Eleonora Strano’s production is also marked by an interest in photographic experimentation, the materiality of the image and the mutations of the photographic landscape.