Diego Guglieri Don Vito

Born in 1988

Lives and works in Marseilles

Diego Guglieri Don Vito develops a challenging body of work that combines ethereal and colourful painting with poetic and narrative writing. This results in installations, canvases, textiles, objects and more, which can be conceived of both in real space and in the realm of imagination. “In this hot summer evening, the swifts dance” or “And then I fell asleep, letting time be witness to the ballet of night lights”: these only go to show how important titles are for these abstract and atmospheric works that function like as many convergence lines. For the artist, painting is an open space for projection, which also serves to activate the vibration of colour and aerial movements. Writing is also a sensory vehicle, in that it presents paintings as it would characters (personalities) that question both time and space. Diego Guglieri Don Vito centres his artistic output on what he calls “The Miami Fauve Collision”, a fantasy world rooted somewhere between Georges Braque and 1980s Miami – a mental territory that he explores gleefully.