Delphine Poitevin

Born in 1974

Lives and works in Marseilles

Delphine Poitevin approaches drawing by confronting it with techniques or mediums that cause it to shift, heighten it, elude or reinvent it. Whether she is working on-site, drawing directly on the walls, or on the photographs themselves, she makes her artistic practice a space of indetermination that consequently redefines our relationship to images. Her works are full of the attention she gives to “peripheral” spaces in urban settings or to the spirit of abandoned places. They act as breaches that open us up to sensible interpretations of our everyday surroundings. Delphine Poitevin collects fragilities, precarious compositions that carry their own temporalities within themselves. She is interested as much in architecture and urbanism as she loves vacant lots for their incomplete nature. The goal for the artist is to search these liminal spaces for manifestations of the unexpected, temporary and at times minuscule appropriations, which are as many emergences of forms that evade the grid that usually governs spaces.