Club Superette

Born in 2011

Lives and works in Marsndeille a Treffort

Through its work, the Club Superette collective composes an imaginary world in which magical creatures, luminous dolmens, two-meter high dogs and pagan altars coexist. Whether through sculpture, drawing or installation, it seems as if the artists in the collective aim to create mechanisms that will encourage the appearance of a world connected to unknown forces. The strange reality that they immerse us in is based on an iconography derived from experiments with shapes and textures, straightforward hybridisations and a particular attention to the living world. Faithful animals, insects, electric spiders, a human-faced goat – an entire animal reign lives together peacefully in their works. Club Superette’s profuse and liberal creative output draws from elements of popular culture like fantasy and the supernatural, and strives to bring to light the alchemic power in everything around us.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.