Catherine Melin

Born in 1968

Lives and works in Marseilles

Reality is the starting point of Catherine Melin's oeuvre. She incorporates it and questions it by way of a praxis in which notions involving the use of space, the movement of bodies, and ways of looking at things are recurrent issues. Her work seems to be borne along by a dynamic which immediately puts the viewer at the heart of an arrangement which questions his/her presence. Catherine Melin's exhibitions play with viewpoints and can be seen not as fragmented or composite forms, series of videos, sculptures, wall-drawings and drawings, but as a homogeneous ensemble, a unit.
In her videos, Catherine Melin is particularly interested in the issue of the relation between body and space. Working closely with choreographers and tracers (traceurs, practicing parkour –a holistic training method) she presents dances which are like so many re-readings of our relation to the world.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.