Boris Chouvellon

Born in 1980

Lives and works in Marseilles

Through his work, Boris Chouvellon develops an interest in the movements of construction and abandonment which define the landscapes of most peri-urban zones. Tugged between featureless concrete and wild nature trying to reassert its rights, these suburban territories, marked by de-industrialization, are the centre of a praxis where the materials seem to have been taken straight from source. A fence around a building site, concrete, steel reinforcement bars, tanks... Boris Chouvellon constructs sculptures like so many lost monuments. By using things like a jet-ski (bent and fossilized), a toboggan (spinning in dilapidation), a grandstand (skeletal), a sports ground (abandoned)... his art announces a decaying leisure society. Alert to the world around him, together with its limits, its boundaries, and encounters with landscapes (when he works on "the shore" in particular...), this oeuvre becomes the reflection of a day and age which, in trying to move forward, is forever building and re-building its ruins.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.