Audrey Martin

Born in 1983

Lives and works in Nîmes

Audrey Martin trained at the HEAR [Haute école des arts du Rhin] in Strasbourg and at Edith Dekynt’s atelier of flexible materials. Her hybrid practice has quickly moved towards site-specific installations, in which she intersperses the space with subtle interventions and minimalistic sculptures. Her current practice questions the notion of impermanence, movement and perception through the use of various mediums such as objects, installations and visuals.
She starts to work on her pieces like a scientist would, borrowing protocols and hypotheses from the methodology of researchers. Then, the structures she implements induce a process of transformation, sublimation or dissemination that can be seen during the entire length of the exhibition.
While they borrow from a laboratory aesthetic, her pieces are never prefigured. Instead, they exist through a sum of interventions and reveal matter and its movements. Colour also underlines the vibrant presence that appears in the works in various visual forms, from a bouquet of fresh flowers to the many hues of the sky, from gold leaf to a monochrome painted directly onto the wall.