Anne-Sophie Turion

Born in 1985

Lives and works in Marseilles

Whether on stage or in the public space, alone or as a duo with Jeanne Moynot, Anne-Sophie Turion invents artwork as if she were creating rifts. Her work on performance, installation, and interventions circumscribed to a certain extent to urban spaces, tackles and re-qualifies the notion of reality in a will to shift it towards the realm of fiction. The artist is familiar with theatrical apparatuses and the artifices of cinema, playwriting, music, lighting, and scenery, and uses these to generate situations in which spectators are led to reconsider the territory on which they stand. Anne-Sophie Turion works with elements that construct emotions at a more or less conscious level, and makes use of popular culture (karaoke, pop music, cinema…) and personal and collective memories. With these elements established as a common foundation, she develops works that become as many destinations, as many doors to the possibility of a different reality.

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.