Anne Le Troter

Born in 1985

Lives and works in Paris

[…] “By treating language like a malleable material, Anne Le Troter’s works are imbued with a certain sense of triviality, which comes from her use of oral forms, or of the formless forms of utilitarian language. Drawing inspiration from everyday life situations, she converts the observations she makes about her surroundings into text and, in doing so, questions the way language functions.
[…] Whether this concerns her own observations or borrowed information, she is interested in the way an individual’s knowledge is built: empirical knowledge, deductions, memories, elements learnt by heart – along with all the mistakes, imprecision and hesitations these may involve. She uses this “transposition into language” as tool to better understand and to try to describe and explain what she sees in the world – perhaps an illusory and endless endeavour, echoed by the following quote by Nathalie Quintane, a writer the artist admires: “The bottom line is that the act of writing does not make one less confused. It only diverts the confusion – that is all.”1 […]

1 Excerpt from Nathalie Quintane, Crâne chaud, 2012, POL, Paris.

Excerpt from Isaline Vuille, Anne Le Troter – rollercoaster screams ou ça s’en va et ça revient, in Kunstbulletin, 2014, for the exhibition Elle pense qu’il pense qu’elle pense, Espace Quark, Geneva.
Translated by Lucy Pons

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.