Anna Tomaszewski

Born in 1989

Lives and works in Nice

Anna Tomaszewski’s work begins with the collecting of natural or residual elements. The artist pays close attention to micro-compositions and fortuitous forms, and in doing so strives to bring to light the discreet elements of a world, to put its vital forces to use and to demonstrate that human beings are part of living matter. Her sculptures, like her installations, experiment with volumes and materials, play with scale changes, and have us explore alternative landscapes made up of fragments. Whenever she mentions her production, the artist speaks of amplified reality. In this sense, her works are to be understood as vehicles that pass through the eye and body on their way to another familiar place, to an ensemble arranged like an ecosystem. Whether using ceramics, blown glass, melted (or unmelted) plastic, collected stones or oxidised steel, Anna Tomaszewski searches the infinitely small to find ways to transfigure our vision and renew reality.

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