Anna Byskov

Born in 1984

Lives and works in Mulhouse and Paris

Anna Byskov does not baulk at involving her body (and sometimes her mind) in off-beat actions in which nonsense takes precedence over reason (like diving until you can dive no longer into a swimming pool after putting on a swimming costume that is too big, or like hitting your head against trees until you are senseless...). She is physically involved in her oeuvre, for the cause of self-mockery, farce and for the desire to try the impossible, and her videos and her actions alike show an artist who is determined in her project.
Anna Byskov also presents herself incarnating extravagant and stereotypical characters. Entangled in crazy conversations, these latter develop paradoxically absurd and plausible dialogues which often tend to relativize the notion of madness and idiocy.
Her sculptural work is also based on this need to counter the value and permanence of things, so she constructs with imbalance and cardboard. As if to be sure that nothing will withstand time. That, once shown, her fragile forms will fall the way she herself falls when she tries to climb her paper stairways (L'escalier/Stairway).

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.