André Mérian

Born in 1955

Lives and works in Marseilles

“I came to Marseille in 1987. I knew almost nothing about the Mediterranean horizon, and it ended up changing my worldview radically. After a period of maladjustment and self-questioning, I began to work on Marseille’s coastline, the result if which were blurry, grey pictures and a desire to escape a certain reality. A few years later, I joined the association Sud Image Territoire, which led me to tackle the subject of “a new geography” – the landscape and its territory, its transformation and its evolution, alternated with its human aspect. I remain very sensitive to the issue of the place of people in these spaces. I remain at a distance in my approach of reality in order to convey tension, emptiness, and even loss.
To me, photography is a way of thinking, living, and self-questioning.”

André Mérian

Biographical notes translated with the support of the Centre national des arts plastiques - Cnap.