Alice Guittard

Born in 1986

Lives and works in in France and Portugal

For several years now, Alice Guittard’s work has focused on designing pictures made out of marble marquetry. The carved (as if cut out) mineral is shaped into more or less complex elements that slot together perfectly to create figurative, smooth “paintings” with veined colours. For the artist, working with stone is a way of weaving together stories – the unspoken story contained within the material and the story of the compositions she comes up with, which often relate to her personal story. Alice Guittard’s relationship with images lies at the heart of her practice, which also includes the use of mediums such as photography, video, writing and publishing. From one piece to the next, she experiments and finds in these forms the potential for stories to unearth and share. As such, it often involves investigating, searching for traces and clues, finding elements and telling signs.