Agathe Rosa

Born in 1987

Lives and works in Marseilles

The attention of Agathe Rosa is focused on the interaction of natural light with Man and territories.
By exploring the capacities of this "luminous matter", she uses cognitive processes (perception, sensation, memory, representation) and interrogates our conception of solidity of things. Because it is when matter becomes movement and interaction of forces, that we can question what remains invisible to our eyes. The creative process of Agathe Rosa is generally initiated by an intuitive and founding photographic act from which the work deploys from the site-specific immersive installation to the drawing, through the assembly of objects, the video or the writing. She is particularly attentive to the interval: this floating space of resonance which is the place of the transfiguration of reality, where innocuous passages and secret links between each entity are created. Thus in her work, the laws of physics are outdated, a dizziness grips us, the scales are disproportionated, time becomes matter and the light the main protagonist of this cosmogony.