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Space Odyssey

Solo exhibition
Villa Albertine / Underground Atlanta, Atlanta
du 07/10/2022 au 09/10/2022
Etienne Rey

Atlanta opening of SPACE ODYSSEY, Étienne Rey's immersive installation which plunges us into a submerged world of mist and waves of light.
Somewhere between immaterial sculpture and architecture, Etienne REY’s installation situates us in a space in which our points of reference become mobile, distances become elastic, and balance precarious. A stroboscopic journey to the heart of light as a material, the crossing of SPACE ODYSSEY, a reference to the Stanley Kubrick film, is a passage, a mental and sensory threshold situated at the meeting point of the physical world and experimentations on perception. Space Odyssey has already been exhibited in France for times, namely in Nantes and Paris.