Professional support for artists

The Documents d’artistes Network takes part in programmes and runs initiatives to support artists in the development of their art and in the appreciation and dissemination of their work. This department was conceived in partnership with a panel of professionals in the fields of culture and contemporary art.


Meet-Up are a series of studio visits and meetings between artists featured in regional registries and other cultural sector professionals in a position to give their work greater exposure (exhibition commissioners, art critics, managers of arts centres, etc.). Meet-Up stimulate the exposure of artists and their output at a national and international level, as well as fostering both bonds of mutual familiarity among art professionals, and the discovery of regional art scenes.


Every artist added to one of the regional folio archives meets with an art critic to make an original, dedicated written assessment of their work. This commission offers artists the opportunity to reflect on their development and on all or part of their œuvre.


Notes introducing the work of each artist are composed as part of a partnership between the DDA Network and the National Centre for Visual Arts (CNAP). These overviews are translated into English and can be accessed from the artist’s folio on the DDA Network website, or, alternatively, from the CNAP site’s directory.


Several different formats, created by regional DDA teams or by specially recruited professionals, are employed alongside critical texts and notes to provide a unique look at an artist’s work. These publications can provide a deeper insight into an aspect of the artist’s creation, of their craft, or of a moment in their development; or an original approach to amplifying the resonance of their artistic universe.


The DDA Network regularly participates in public events (professional Meet-Up open to all, exhibitions, symposiums…), organised alongside regional DDAs and various French and European partners. Such events ensure the exposure of works produced by artists in regional registries and contribute to the dynamism of the visual arts sector. It was with this in mind that the DDA Network and c | e | a, (the French Association of Exhibition Curators) established SET-UP from 2018 and 2020, a research and exposure programme.


The involvement of the DDA Network and member bodies in various other national and regional networks consolidates our professional support for artists.

As a member of the Fédération des professionnels de l’art contemporain (CIPAC), the DDA Network has a voice in discussions within the sector. In this capacity, it guarantees that the work of artists is recognised and their rights respected, and oversees changes in their professional milieu.

DDA associations are active members and/or board members of different networks in their respective regions.

DDA-PACA is a member of the Provence Contemporary Art (PAC) network;

DDA-Brittany is a member of the Contemporary Art in Brittany (ACB) network;

DDA-Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a member of Astre (plastic and visual arts network in Nouvelle-Aquitaine) and of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux (BAC);

DDA-Occitania is a member of Air de Midi;
and news concerning DDA-RA is disseminated by Contemporary Art in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (AC//RA).